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Gallery updated on 30.09.11!
Gallery updated on 12.10.09!
This is the homepage of Mayu. She is a Japanese calligrapher and artist, based in Osaka. She majored in calligraphy at university and now teaches the subject at high school as well as producing bespoke pieces to order.
She is passionate about her calligraphy and is constantly coming up with new designs to add to her collection. Calligraphy has been her first love and she has been illustrating since the age of six. The gallery page has examples of Mayu’s variety of styles and designs, each showing her unique passion for the subject.
Mayu would write an original piece of calligraphy based on your requirements incorporating any text (in Japanese, English or other languages) and based on any of the styles from the gallery. Each piece would be made from scratch – she hopes you feel her passion in the flow, thickness and intensity of every stroke.
To place an order please use the enquiry form or e-mail mayucalligraphy@gmail.com. In addition to bespoke pieces as art, she has also designed restaurant logos and illustrated invitations for weddings, amongst other things. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.